Python Wheels for the Raspberry Pi

piwheels is a Python package repository providing wheels (pre-compiled binary Python packages) specifically for the Raspberry Pi.


Future versions of Raspbian are likely to include configuration implicitly for piwheels. However, until then (or if you're using an alternate distribution), place the following lines in /etc/pip.conf:


That's it! With this simple configuration change, pip should now search piwheels for binary packages and use them in preference to building from source. You can test this out by creating a virtual environment and attempting to install cffi which usually involves a fairly lengthy compilation:

$ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 testpip
$ source testpip/bin/activate
(testpip) $ pip install cffi
(testpip) $ deactivate
$ rm -fr testpip/


At present, piwheels only builds wheels for Python 3.4 on the armv6l architecture (the primary architecture employed by the Raspberry Pi), although these wheels are duplicated for the armv7l architecture (to ensure Pi 2s and Pi 3s using 32-bit Raspbian are covered too). In future we plan to expand coverage to include Python 2.7, but this is not in place at the time of writing.


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